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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Day 2 evening. Day 3

Some of the group spotted what looked like a decent Chinese on the evening of day 2 for dinner, so after a couple of happy hour beers at a pub locale, we headed for the restaurant. We were quite surprised when olives were served as we arrived and the waiter was telling us how good the cous cous was. Turns out it was a Moroccan restaurant. Apparently Oriental doesn't mean Chinese in French. Several Heinekens and then a heated debate about whether we were leaving at 8:30 or 9:00 the next morning followed. Clearly setting off early and finishing early is the better option.

We set off on day 3 at 8:30 (my team obviously won the debate). We were dealt a valuable lesson about nutrition: make sure you eat enough or you'll burn out. We started the day by only having a croissant each, due to there not being any shops open the previous day (Sunday) to buy supplies from, and us not willing to stump up the cash for breakfast at the hotel. We hit a boulangerie about 10 miles into the journey and I had half a spinach quiche and half an almond croissant. I only had 2 sandwiches at lunch, instead of the usual 8 I'd had on the previous days, and as a result the last hour of the day I ran out of energy and found very difficult. When we arrived at the hotel for the night every cyclist's eyes lit up when we were offered the option of a 'grande buffet' breakfast for 9 euros for the next morning. 

The highlight of the day was realising Ryan had cycling under shorts on back to front and inside out without any over shorts on. He looked even more ridiculous than the rest of us lycra clad, bearded jokers on bikes. 

I had steak and chips, 4 Heinekens and a bottle of wine for dinner, and was tucked up in bed by 8:30. A slept like a log.


  1. Sam and I are reading your food blog. we thought you were cliclyng not eating!
    see you soon sam and sil x

  2. Silvana and Sam. There will be plenty about cycling in the next update, which is coming right up. Big up to you and the rest of the Creative Production team. See you next Tuesday! x

  3. haha see you next Tueday too :P

  4. I'm loving your blog Geoffers, sounds like the croissants are nice.
    Please eat one for me. Oh and the cycling bit is great too. JUST KIDDING. I'm really enjoying reading it and although I don't know Max I feel like you've given me an impression of what his feet my smell like, which is lingering on my tastebuds mixed with almond croissants.