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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Day 5

There was no grande buffet at the Ibis budget in Troyes, but we were invited to the support teams room for a spot of breakfast. After breakfast we rode to the nearby bike shop to drop Max's wheel off to get his spoke mended, and then set off.

It was a gruelling morning's cycling due to an extremely bumpy road, which left six very sore derrières.  There was a fair amount of complaining about the sore bums, and we made slow progress. Jonny got a puncture at lunch, and didn't beat Max's world record at changing an inner tube. In fact he did appallingly , as he managed to pierce 2 inner tubes trying to get his very tight tyre back on the wheel.

Once we arrived in Château-Thierry we wandered around the town and argued about where we were going to eat. We'd narrowed it down to either a curry or a Moroccan. The majority of the group were keen on a curry, but Max was adamant that Currys are rubbish outside India or the UK, so should be avoided at all costs. Ryan was adamant he wasn't having a Moroccan, due to the poor vegetarian option at the last Moroccan establishment we'd been too. A fight nearly broke out. Then they kissed, and made up, and finally we agreed on a curry. It was really, really good. Oh, I'm blogging about food again!

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